Heavy Equipment Operator Training School in Idaho There are not enough people who are qualified to man the heavy equipment such as those being used in the construction. There’s a shortage of skilled operators in Idaho and that’s problem for the economy of the state.

Taking the heavy equipment operator training in Idaho is the first step into this rewarding and fruitful career.

The industry is always in continuous search for skilled heavy equipment operators to train and hire. There’s a lot of work to be done – roads, bridges, skyscrapers and many other projects. Companies and contractors need qualified individuals to fill the gap.

It is a kind of job where there is an abundance of employment opportunities not only in the construction. The pay is good as well together with other perks and benefits.

If you have other certifications and credentials such as CDL training, flagger certification, crane operator certificate, you can even boost your chance. The likelihood of receiving better pay is just a step away. The employer may even be the one who will offer a lucrative salary you just to get you.

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If you are finally decided you want to become a heavy equipment operator, here are the institutions/schools where you can take a course.

Schools Where You Can Take Heavy Equipment Training in This State

Idaho Associated General Contractors of America
1649 Shoreline Dr #100, 1649 Shoreline Dr, Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-344-2531
Offers free training, check for schedule and date

International Union of Operating Engineer Local 302
456 N. Arthur,Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Phone: 208-232-8492

Heavy Equipment Operator School of Idaho
4688 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714
Phone: (208) 336-6022

Idaho Transportation Department
3311 W. State Street - P.O. Box 7129 Boise, ID 83707-1129
Phone: (208) 334-8000
To strengthen the workforce, the Department offers free training, please do inquire for the schedule

Are confused where to enroll to take heavy equipment training, here's a guide to help you: 10 Useful Criteria in Choosing the Best School to Enroll

Free Training Being Provided by Idaho Transportation Department and Idaho Associated General Contractors of America

Good for you guys, the Idaho Transportation Department has teamed up with Idaho AGC and other sectors to give a free heavy equipment operator training.

The Transportation Department had received grant from federal government to fund such program. In their last schedule there were 20 students accepted for the training. What attracts applicants to take this program is that the lodging is free as well.

Even though this program has been lapsed by the time you read this, there could be an upcoming training schedule in the next coming months.

You can contact the Transportation Department to make an inquiry. You may have to hurry since there’s a limited number to applicants to be accepted for the program.

Before you continue, here are some of the common questions you may have in mind:

Requirements to be a Heavy Equipment Operator

  • You need to have heavy equipment operator certificate which you can get by completing a training course that usually takes about 10 weeks to complete. You can enroll in a course offered by a school or institution. In Idaho, there only a few of them, see above. The Idaho Associated General Contractors of America in cooperation with the Transportation Department provide free heavy equipment operator course. You may contact them to check for training schedule.

  • Heavy equipment operators drive large dump trucks and flat-bed trailer to transport materials, goods and other equipment from and to the worksite. You are then required to have commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate those vehicles on public roads. When taking a heavy equipment training course, you can combine the CDL.

  • You need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent GED certificate

  • Completion of an apprenticeship program. You can be an apprentice to expand your skills and knowledge. You can apply for an apprenticeship program at International Union Operating Engineers Local 302. You may contact them for the application requirements. Such program takes 3 years to complete that includes classroom and practical training.

  • Practical experience. Another possible way to learn firsthand knowledge and practical experience is through employer-sponsored on-the-job training. If you are a new hire of the company, you can start with light equipment and then as you gain the skill, you can advance to heavy equipment such as bulldozers and excavators.

These are general requirements if you want to be a heavy equipment operator but not particularly for Idaho. If you want to be an operator in this state, there could more or less prerequisites you need to have.

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Salary of Heavy Equipment Operators in Idaho

If you’re asking how much pay you would get doing this job, here’s the latest September 1, 2018 report of Salary.com showing salary figures of different cities and towns of Idaho.

Ahsahka$60,932 Lewiston$61,932
Ashton$55,450 Lowman$57,824
Athol$60,932 Lucile$57,824
Atlanta$57,824 Marsing$57,824
Avery$60,932 Mccall$57,824
Banks$57,824 Medimont$60,932
Bayview$60,932 Melba$57,824
Blanchard$60,932 Meridian$58,691
Boise$58,753 Middleton$58,133
Bonners Ferry$60,932 Midvale$57,824
Bovill$60,932 Moscow$60,932
Calder$60,932 Moyie Springs$60,932
Caldwell$58,072 Mullan$60,932
Cambridge$57,824 Murray$60,932
Careywood$60,932 Nampa$58,133
Cascade$57,824 Naples$60,932
Cataldo$60,932 Nezperce$60,932
Clark Fork$60,932 Nordman$60,932
Clarkia$60,932 Ola$57,824
Cocolalla$60,932 Oldtown$60,932
Coeur D Arlene$60,932 Orofino$60,932
Colburn$60,932 Osburn$60,932
Coolin$60,932 Payette$57,824
Cottonwood$61,132 Peck$60,932
Council$57,824 Pierce$60,932
Craigmont$60,932 Pinehurst$60,932
Culdesac$60,932 Placerville$57,886
Deary$60,932 Plummer$60,932
Desmet$60,932 Ponderay$60,932
Donnely$57,824 Porthill$60,932
Dover$60,932 Post Falls$61,064
Eagle$58,505 Potlatch$60,932
Eastport$60,932 Priest River$60,932
Elk River$60,932 Rexburg$55,512
Fenn$61,180 Richfield$53,316
Ferdinand$60,932 Rigby$56,007
Fernwood$60,932 Ririe$55,759
Fruitland$57,824 Roberts$55,635
Genesee$60,932 Saint Anthony$55,450
Grand View$57,824 Saint Charles$54,647
Grangeville$61,180 Salmon$54,817
Greencreek$60,932 Shelley$56,317
Greenleaf$57,824 Shoup$54,502
Harrison$60,932 Soda Spings$52,882
Harvard$60,932 Spencer$55,450
Hayden$60,932 Springfield$53,316
Homedale$57,824 Star$53,381
Hope$60,932 Sun Valley$55,570
Horseshoe Bend$58,133 Sweet$57,824
Iadho City$57,824 Tendoy$53,315
Indian Valley$57,824 Terreton$55,450
Juliaetta$60,932 Tetonia$55,450
Kamiah$60,932 Thatcher$52,882
Kellogg$60,932 Troy$60,932
Kendrick$60,932 Twin Falls$54,245
Kingston$60,932 Ucon$56,379
Kooskia$60,932 Victor$55,450
Kootenai$60,932 Wayan$54,166
Kuna$58,443 Wendell$53,502
Laclede$60,932 Weston$56,412
Lapwai$60,932 White Bird$60,305
Lenore$60,932 Yellow Pine$58,824
Letha$57,824 Worley$60,932

If you will work in the neighboring state of Montana, you could make better wage. 

According to US BLS, the demand growth for heavy equipment operators will continue to grow until the year 2024. If you know to operate different pieces of heavy equipment, you may have the best opportunity since that is the trait the employer is looking for from a job candidate.

For the salary you cam make if you will work in other state, here's the report:

To Conclude This

Idaho has been one of the top states where there’s a full swing of construction work but there aren’t sufficient qualified workforce to work as heavy equipment operators. There’s a real shortage of operators.

If you would like to shift career to raise your income and be part of the workforce, be ready to take heavy equipment operator training in Idaho.

Companies and other institutions are prepared to training you to fill the gap and to resolve the manpower shortage.

Take action now and be a heavy equipment operator. The pay is good and you can enjoy the job.

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