Getting a Crane Rental in TexasIf you are an individual or a contractor who needs to use a crane in the short term to complete the project, the most viable solution is to rent the equipment.

Renting saves money and releases you from any heavy obligations such as maintenance and repair costs, after all, you just need it in a short period of time.

By renting you can finish the tasks at hand on time without exhausting much of your budget is the most obvious advantage.

It is a good decision to make particularly if your project only has an occasional need for such a piece of lifting equipment. It is an excellent choice that brings a lot of rewards.

And renting a crane in Texas doesn’t have to be complicated, it just finding the right company and getting a good deal - there are crane rental companies just around the corner. Just give them a call and tell what you need, they’re ready to help.

If you are planning to rent a crane now or in the near future, consider this information:

How to Rent a Crane

Here are the steps you can do to shorten the process of getting a rental crane:

  1. Prepare this important information such as the approximate weight of the object to lift, accurate dimension (width, length) of the object, building weight, the width of the setup location, obstruction, soil condition, etc. as these will be asked from you when you inquire with a rental company.

  2. Find a rental company that you think best for your project. The list of rental companies in Texas is below for your reference. When selecting, take note of the criteria such as the rating of customers and local chamber of commerce, reputation, history of the company, quality of the equipment, and competence of the personnel.

  3. Talk to the rental company representative and ask for a site inspection. This is mandatory to get the accurate information they need so that they come up with a lift plan designed to the exact need of the project.

  4. For the purpose of gathering bids so that you could choose the best rental company that fits your requirement, submit a request for a proposal to 3-4 companies you preferred to hire. The idea behind getting bids is to come up with a comparison to find the best company and the lowest offer for the job.

  5. After, you’ve decided on a company, book the crane from them far in advance. Reserving the required crane in advance helps avoid circumstances such as conflicting schedules and unavailability of the equipment. Reserving also enables you to have ample time to process necessary permits to transport the crane on the roads.

Crane Rental Companies in Texas

When scouting for crane rental company, do due diligence when choosing one. Avoid deciding on a company based on just referral or recommendation from others. If you could personally visit their facility and see what equipment they offer and review the rental agreement would greatly help.
If you are looking for a company in the state of Texas, here are your choices:

  • Texas Crane Services
    203 South WW White Rd., San Antonio, TX 78219
    1145 W 5th St., Austin, TX 78703
    1155 Goforth Rd., Buda, TX 78610
    Phone: (210) 337-1900

  • North Texas Crane Service
    1120 S. Texas Ave. Bldg. A, Lewisville, TX 75057
  • Bigge Crane
    14800 Jersey Shore Drive, Houston, TX 77047
    1 (713) 352-6832

  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P.
    305 20th Street South|Texas City, TX 77590
    409-945-3471, Fax 409-945-7680

  • Alamo Crane Service
    San Antonio: 210-344-7370
    Austin: 512-282-6866
    Texas: 800-880-0134

  • Bobcat Contracting L.L.C.
    PO Box 663, 1721 HCR 3106, Hillsboro, Texas 76645, T: 254.582.0205, F: 866.582.3199
    20880 FM 2854, Montgomery, Texas 77316 • T: 936.597.5448

  • Consolidated Crane & Rigging
    6370 Long Drive, Houston, TX 77087
    (713) 641-3330

  • Crane Rental Division Inc.
    5902 Allison Road Houston, TX 77048
    (713) 991-6180, Fax: (713) 991-1048

  • BOSS Crane & Rigging
    4836 W Loop 281 S, Longview, TX 75603
    Toll Free: 1.855.239.2505, Local: 903.475.0018

  • Austin Crane Service
    Phone: (512) 452 4400, Fax: (512) 260-1441

  • Crane Rental Houston Pros
    8713 Tallyho Rd Houston, TX 77061
    (832) 924-5771

  • RWS Crane and Rigging
    5800 Wade Rd., Baytown, TX 77521 281-838-0063
    Toll-Free: 1-866-274-4446

  • Cen-Tex Crane Service
    1105, Regal Row, Austin, Texas 78748

  • Diamond Crane
    2219 Aldine Bender Rd., Houston, TX 77032
    Phone: 281-590-4445

  • Elizondo Crane Service
    4699 Fm 802, Brownsville, TX 78526
    Phone: 956-831-7174

  • H & E Equipment Services
    1700 South Sam Houston Pkwy W., Houston, TX 77047
    Phone: 877-321-6411

  • Roper Inc.
    2936 E. Interstate 20, Odessa, TX 79766
    Phone: 432-335-0520
    Scott-Macon Equipment
    14925 Main Stree, Houston, TX 77035
    Phone: 713-721-7070

  • Wales Industrial Services Inc.
    22006 Bush Dr., Woodway, TX 76712
    Phone: 254-772-3310

  • Barnhart Crane & Rigging
    13026 Ellen Lane Houston, TX 77015
    (713) 433-6480

Application of Annual Mobile Crane Permit in Texas

For mobile cranes, a permit is required prior to movement. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle issues such permit and has an expiration of one (1) year from the date of movement.

Limitations are set to control and regulate transport. Equipment moving with the Annual Mobile Crane Permit should not exceed this limitation:

If you want to apply for the permit, you can download the Form 302 Application of Time Permit from here, fill up the application form legibly, submit it to TxDMV by fax (512) 465-4251 or mail it to Motor Carrier Division, TxDMV-MCD, Time Permits Section, P.O. Box 5020, Austin, Texas, 78763-5020.

For faster processing, apply through the Texas Permitting & Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) by visiting this page

Important Tips When Renting Crane

  • Take into consideration about renting a crane with extra lifting capacity – if you rented a crane and if its lifting capacity turns out to be too small for the intended job, the tendency is that you have to replace the equipment and order again for a bigger crane, this will cause a costly delay. The general rule is that the lifting capacity should be is as much as 20% greater than the weight of material to be lifted.

  • Reserve from the rental company the crane you want ahead of time – as this enables to have sufficient time to get the necessary permit and other documents that may be required in order to transport the equipment on the highway.

  • Survey companies where you can get the best deal and equipment right for the job – the common mistake I see people commit is that they hire the company they first come across. The right thing to do is to visit several rental companies and see what they can offer. Scrutinize the types and conditions of cranes they have, find out the reputation of the company, and the check professional background of their personnel, etc.

  • Prepare the job site – to avoid unnecessary delay in getting the crane on location, you need to prepare the site beforehand for the lift – things like getting rid of any obstruction and preparing the surface. By undertaking this, you make the job proceeds much faster and more efficiently hence there will be less time to finish the job and you pay less to rent the equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Crane in Texas

We cannot come up with an accurate figure of how much you would spend. The cost of renting a crane in Texas depends on various aspects such as the following:

  • Rental agreement period – The general rule is that the longer the rental agreement, the lower the rental rate. If the job is small, the crane can be rented in an hourly or daily basis. On the other hand, if the crane is to be used in construction, a project that requires extensive time to finish, the rent can last for weeks or months. The rental company could give a special offer if the rental period is lengthy.

  • Size and Lifting Capacity – In this case, the higher the size and lifting capacity of the crane, the more expensive the rental rate will be. This is the main reason the weight and size of the object you want to move so that you can rent the correct crane for the job.

  • Type of crane needed for the project – There are many types of cranes and each type is applicable for a specific job. You might need a tower crane, a mobile crane, a telescopic crane, etc. The type of crane suitable for the job affects the rental price.

  • Transport to the site – This is one of the significant factors that affect the rental price. If you go for a tower crane that will be shipped and assembled on-site, there will be a lot of people involved, thus, there will be a tremendous amount involved as well. Mobile and crawler cranes on the other hand only need to be transported as they don’t need to be assembled. The bottom line is that you have to shoulder the cost of transportation.

  • Operators and riggers personnel – without these guys, the job would not be completed as they are the ones directly involved in the operation. This personnel is charged by the hour and they usually work 8 hours a day. They are key in the efficient operation and timely completion of the project.

To Make a Conclusion

Renting does take some investment. It is therefore imperative to have everything on paper to know exactly what the project requires so that you would not waste time and money.
Do as much research for your project and submit it to the company so that they can accurately assess the best equipment. And you’ll need the right guys to do the job hence finding the right crane rental in Texas is utmost importance.

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