Failed NCCCO Written Test, Can I RetestThere could some instances when candidates don’t pass the NCCCO written test on the first attempt, retesting is the next thing to do. How soon can you retake the test? While, it can be retaken, failing the written test can be disappointing if you’re not successful not to mention a waste of money as well.

Well, if you failed the written test, you can retake as many as you can until you pass it. If you want to retake the test for paper-and-pencil, you can schedule for the next available exam. However, if you opt to do the rest for computer-based, you have to wait for another three (3) days before you can make a retest schedule.

To be fully certified crane operator, you need to pass both the written and practical tests. The tests are valid for one (1) year from the date you passed it. Let’s say, for example, if you passed first the practical exam then you have one (1) year to complete the written test, and vice versa, for both exams to remain valid. If you’ve both passed the written and practical exams, you acquire the so-called CCO certification.



Tips to Pass the Written Test

If you have an upcoming NCCCO written exam, then, I bet you are already worried about it because you don’t want to fail it again. While there’s nothing more important than studying, you may still pass the test on short notice. Here are some of the tips we can share with you so that you can boost your chance of passing it:

  • If you choose to attend a training class for the preparation of taking the NCCCO certification exams, find a school that offers written test practice. The training class will provide you with confidence so that you won’t get overwhelmed when taking the actual exam. You can ask your preferred school if they provide such practice. The practice test will get you tutored to boost your chance of passing the certification exam.

  • There’s nothing more important than having a study material. NCCCO has provided a candidate handbook. This handbook will tell you the different subjects that may be included in the written exam. If you don’t have the handbook yet with you, you can download it from here.

  • If you don’t have the practical experience with the crane you want to get certified for, we really recommend to go out there and gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Do some training by enrolling in a class. NCCCO has already said it, the certification exams are meant for those students who are already trained in crane operation. And even if you’re experienced operator, taking the class is always the better way to increase your probability of passing the tests.

  • Most of us trainees feel anxiety and unease about the upcoming exam. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we should have control of. This distress can impact your ability to study or do the retest. While anxiety keeps you alert and mentally focused, but too much of it can be a hindrance for you think logically. When taking the retest, have control of your emotion.

  • Analyze the previous written test that you’ve taken, think of the items where you did go wrong. Figuring this out can help you study and improve your chance of passing the next test. If you think, you failed the test because you have not solved the load chart problems, focus on the test items related to it. You can visit this page to do some problem solving.

  • If you do not know the answer on the current question you are answering, skip it and move on, then come back to it. The written test has a time limit, you have to answer all those questions in a given amount of time. For you to be able to make an answer to every question, don’t spend too much time on an item you don’t know yet the answer, skip it, then move on to the proceeding questions, if you still have time, come back to it.



CBT or Paper-and-Pencil Test: Which One Would You Choose?

If you opt to take the CBT, you can make a quicker exam scheduling and in addition to that you can get the test result in the same day you took the exam if you’re successful. With CBT, you have more time to prepare for the next exam schedule unlike with paper and pencil test. Because of these reasons, most students chose to take the CBT over the paper and pencil test. To find a CBT testing location, see this resource

The paper and pencil test causes anxiety to examinees, just as we have mentioned above. What causes anxiety during the exam day is the presence of the test administrator going around the room searching for cheating students. But again, if you are comfortable taking the PPT, it is all up to you. Click here to apply for this test. 



Can You Take the Written Test Without Taking the Training or Class?

Again, it is all up to you. If you’re a beginner, we strongly suggest taking the preparatory class to increase your likelihood of passing the NCCCO written test. If you think you know everything about crane operation, you still have to attend a training class for you to be able to learn the current ASME and OSHA regulations related to cranes.

The crane training can last for several days or week depending on the type of crane you want to be trained on and the comprehensiveness of the course.

We know, taking the class can burn a hole in your pocket. It can cost thousands of dollars, the money you don’t have yet. This is why when choosing a school where you want to take the training from, it is important to avail the financial aid the school offers to student. That way, it can help you pay for the tuition and ease the financial burden on your shoulder.

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