Rhode Island Hoisting License Practice Test In some states, crane certification may be required by some employers while the license may also be voluntary. But in Rhode Island, it is compulsory to have a hoisting license before you can operate cranes.

You need to pass the rigorous hosting equipment license examinations before you can be issued with such a license.

If you have done taking the exam and you did not pass on the first try or you’re just someone anxious about taking it, you may find it difficult to pass the tests even you have the skills and experience.

To increase the likelihood of passing the RI state exams, you have to take the license practice test. This helps you understand what will be covered on the test. It also helps you gain the confidence and of course the knowledge necessary to pass the exams.

There are online resources that provide sample questionnaires and quizzes as a practice test, such as this load chart exercise workbook. If you need help preparing for the hoisting license test, here is the Learning Express, which offers preparation courses in a multitude of trades.

While you can also buy these study guides on Amazon: The Crane Operator (Any Motive Power Except Steam) Passbook and this Manitowoc LBC Practice Problems.

You can also take the practice test by enrolling in a course offered by a training school or provider, which we recommend. You can find several of those schools in RI. See below.

Prior to enrollment, inquire first with the school if they provide such training on the type of crane or equipment you want to get licensed on.

If you opted to take the crane certification course, there are methods of training delivery you can choose to take this and here’s how it is being done.


How Does the Crane Operator Training Being Done?

Courses for crane and hoisting equipment training can be done online and in-person. I strongly do not recommend to you take the online course, although that option is there for you to decide.

I rather advise you to take the in-person training; doing so will enable you to absorb much knowledge doing this course.

If you are an employer, the advantageous option for you to take is on-site training. That way, you can reduce the travel cost and you don’t have to send your workers to the school’s training facility which in turn can save you money on transportation.

With on-site training, employers can train as many workers in a little amount of time. It is much more flexible for employers because the training program can be modified to meet a specific company requirement.

Rhode Island Hoisting License Application and Requirements

If you are a crane operator or a hosting equipment operator in construction who wants to work in Rhode Island, you must hold a valid license specific to the type/class of crane or equipment you want to operate.

Here is the application procedure you need to do:

  1. Get a copy of the hoisting engineer application form for the test application. Download a copy here. Complete the form and submit it to the Department of Labor and Training, Professional Regulation Unit, PO Box 20247, Cranston, RI 02920-0943.

  2. Make sure that you fill up all required details on the form. The application will be returned to you if there is incomplete information.

  3. Complete all the requirements. The requirements are listed below. For further details and particulars about the application, please refer to the application form.

  4. Find a suitable date when you want to take the exams. You can see the schedule here. The exam schedule is three (3) times a week, during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since the exams are on a first, first-serve basis and that the number of examinees that can be accommodated is limited, you need to enlist as early as possible for you to be able to meet the date when you want to take it.

  5. The tests are being administered at the RI Department of Labor and Training, Building 73-1, Conference Room, 1511 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920-0943

Here are the requirements you need to have for the application:

  • Valid and government-issued identification such as your driver's license, social security card, passport, etc.

  • An application fee of $75.00 (as of this writing) is needed for the application to be processed. The payment can be in form of a check or money order, it should be payable to the RI Department of Labor and Training.

  • A notarized detailed statement showing all your education, experience and training you’ve taken on hoisting equipment. If you are employed, the statement should be on the company letterhead signed by the employer, while, if you are self-employed, you, the applicant must sign it.
  • Copy of a valid medical certificate issued by the DOT.

  • Make sure you submit all the requirements; otherwise, the application will not be processed and returned to you.


Crane Operator Schools in RI

If you’ve made the decision of taking a crane operator course and you’re searching for a training school, unfortunately, there are only a few of them in Rhode Island. Here they are:

  • All Purpose Crane Training
    Phone: (888) 501-1355; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Provides crane and rigging certification which meets OSHA and ANSI requirements

  • RI Hoisting License / Educated Operator
    Offers courses on lattice, telescopic and overhead cranes
    Located in PO Box 2331, Plainville, MA but also service RI applicants
    To contact, their phone number is 508-212-4735

  • Nationwide Crane Training
    Office Phone: 877-628-2726
    Inquire about their address in RI

  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 57
    Offers apprenticeship training, to apply for such program, contact:
    Union Hall Main Office - 857 Central Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919
    Phone: (401) 421-6678; Fax:(401) 764-0006
    Benefits Office - 857 Central Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919
    Phone: (401) 331-9191; Fax: (401) 764-0015
    Apprenticeship & Training -873 Central Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919
    Phone: (401) 934-1555; Fax: (401) 934-2555

You can take the crane training at a school in the neighboring state of Massachusetts if you wish. The school you’ll find in that state offers a nationally-recognized certification. But then again, you still have to apply for a hoisting license if you want to work in Rhode Island.

Salary of Crane Operators Working in this State

You might be wondering how much salary you could make as a crane operator in Rhode Island, well, the average pay a crane/tower operator working in this state is $51,821 and since it varies, it is between $41,673 and $63,179 depending on other factors. These figures are based on the October 29, 2021 report of Salary.com.

The factors that come into play that have an effect on your wage are city/town in Rhode Island where you will work, the length of experience doing the profession, applicable skills you can give to the job, and the licenses and certification you have under your belt.

The high retirement rate of people in this profession is usually high that contributing to job abundant openings. You are more likely to get a job in the construction industry – the bigger player in the market.

You won’t be running out of opportunities since the number of openings exceeds the number of people who want to get into this career. There’s a high demand for talents like you. The demand will continue to grow as the economy is in full swing again.

You can build a career doing this job. You can be well-compensated as well.

Contacting the Authorities

RI Department of Labor and Training
Division of Workforce Regulation and Safety Professional Regulations Unit
1511 Pontiac Avenue, Building 70,
P.O. BOX 20247, Cranston, RI 02920-0943
Phone:(401)462-8580, Fax: (401)462-8528

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Providence Area Office, Federal Office Building
380 Westminster Mall, Room 543, Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 528-4669; (401) 528-4663 FAX

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)
Phone: 703-560-2391; 703-560-2392 (fax); website: www.nccco.org

To Make a Conclusion

If you are planning to become a crane operator, what that means is furthering your education. This involves taking a crane operator training course and getting a hoisting license in Rhode Island.

To get such a license, you need to pass the exams. To prepare for the exam, you need to take hoisting license practice test to increase your chance of passing it because the exam is not easy as you think.

If you’ve been thinking of getting into a profession, it is always a good idea to improve your skills and learn new things. Get the required credential and license to get into this field.


Cities and Towns of RI

North Kingstown, Richmond, South Kingstown, Westerly, West Greenwich, West Warwick, Newport County, Jamestown, Little Compton, Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Providence County, Burrillville, Central Falls, Cranston, Cumberland, East Providence, Foster, Glocester, Johnston, Bristol County, Barrington, Warren, Kent County, Coventry, East Greenwich, Warwick, Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, Scituate, Smithfield, Woonsocket, Washington County, Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Narragansett, New Shoreham

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