How to Avail Post 9/11 GI Bill to Pay for Crane Operator School?Being a crane operator is unlike any other profession that we know. You will need skills and knowledge to be able to enter this career

There is a rapidly growing demand for crane operators that is why it is not surprising anymore that it is also catching the attention of many people even the Military Men like the Armed Forces and the National Guards.

If you are veteran planning to enter this job, you need to have the proper skills, obtaining it could be done in several ways. One of the ways is by attending school.

Attending the school takes an amount of money to complete the training course. One of the means you can pay is through the availing of the Post 9/11 GI Bill.



Who is Covered by the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Guard and Reserve members and veterans who became on duty after Sept. 11, 2001 are eligible for this funding. If you served at least 90 days since Sept. 11, 2001, you're entitled to avail this funding.

This bill is a fund allocated for men still active in service and eligible veterans to cover cost associated in getting college education, career development and training.

You are considered eligible to be a recipient of this bill if you are still active in duty or a veteran or an immediate family member of those who are and who were in service.

These men in uniform can choose to have their schooling to become crane operator so when the time comes that they will decide to go back to their civilian lives they have another career that they can start afresh with and be employed by the companies.

If you want to know how much it will cover in taking a crane operator training course, here’s a quick reference:

• 100% allocation for those applicants who had rendered 36 or more total months in the active service
• 100% allocation for those who have rendered 30 or more days with Disability related Discharge.
• 90% allocation allowance when the applicant had rendered 30 total months
• 80% allocation allowance for 24 total months
• 70% allocation allowance for 18 total months in the service
• 60% allocation allowance for 12 total months
• 50% allocation allowance for 6 total months
• 40% - 90 or more days

Presently, that’s the allocation allowance you are eligible for but be always on the lookout that it could change anytime.



How to Apply for the Post 9/11 GI Bill Funding?

There are three (3) possible ways you can apply for this funding.

  • The first way is to do it online by visiting this resource:

  • Second, you can choose to go personally to the nearest Veterans Affairs Office and apply in person. And then there are some steps that you should take in order for them to avail of this benefit.

  • And the last, is by calling 1-888-442-4551 to request for an application be mailed to your address.

Whatever method you may choose to apply for the GI Bill whether online or in-person you will need to visit the crane training school of your choice to meet and consult with the Veterans Affairs certifying official who maybe is at the Registrar’s office or the Financial Aid office.

Speak to them about the intention of being enrolled by using the GI Bill.

After which you need to call the GI bill toll free number 1 (888-442-4551) and ask that a Registration or Application form be mailed to your address.

After filling it up and completing the requirements needed to present; you should send it back to the Veterans Affairs Office and then the Veterans Affairs Office will send you a Certificate of Eligibility confirming that you are eligible for the GI Bill. That is now what you will present to the school or Training Center that you are going to enroll to.

After completing this process, you may now start with their classes or training.

Those easy steps and process are how the GI bill pays for the crane operator school that you are enrolled in. As long as you have and was able to present the certificate of eligibility, the government is the one responsible for it already. There is a government fund designated and allocated for this particular bill to make this program sustainable.

How Much Amount Does It Cover?

This Post 9/11 GI Bill may cover the full amount of the training course that you will be needing. The allocation of the amount will depend on the creditable active-duty service you have since September 10th, 2001.

This bill provides financing for skills training, housing allowance and textbooks and supplies as well. What’s good about the GI Bill is that you can transfer some entitlements to your spouse or children.

It is good to know that this GI Bill is not just meant for academic education but also meant for skill training like that of a crane operator.

It is very useful that you have included this kind of skills training to become part of the GI Bill provision. This bill is really a big help not only for the Armed Forces personnel themselves for their upgrading but it is also beneficial for their children or maybe siblings if you are still unmarried.

You Can also Reimburse Cost of the NCCCO Certification Test

What is good about taking crane operator certification through the NCCCO as a testing body is that you can reimburse your testing fees.

Under the GI Bill, you could reimburse as much as $2,000 per test but not more than the actual cost of the test if it exceeds the said amount. Retesting test fees are also covered by this benefit.

You will submit the reimbursement application in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You will need to bring the following requirement to VA office:

  • NCCCO test results
  • A formal request of reimbursement, duly signed by you
  • A document stating “I authorize the release of my test information to VA
  • You could present either your social security number or the claim number given to you by the VA office
  • Proof showing the amount of the test you’ve taken

Reimbursing the cost of NCCCO test fees will certainly help you lower the amount you have to exhaust in getting certified as a crane operator.



Crane Operator School Will Reap Benefits Also

As for the schools, it is also something that will help them cater more training because their fees will be paid for by the government and not by certain individuals who may be having issues with payments later on.

The schools will be guaranteed to have students who have better chances of finishing the course or training modules because of less financial issues.

So, schools also should make sure that they can be part of the list of schools that are accepted and accredited by the government to become included in the list of GI Bill schools approved in that way they can become part of the choices for the would-be candidate recipients of this bill.

It also helps that the process that they have given to be able to avail this Gi Bill is made easy. It has the option to be done online or onsite and mail and sends then wait for the Certificate of Eligibility to come to them.

Also, the convenience of being able to choose for themselves the training school that is easier for them. And once you have presented the certificate of eligibility of the GI Bill the beneficiary will not have to worry anymore of dealing with any of the other school processing stuff. Good for both parties isn’t it?

To Make a Finalization

Being a crane operator is one of the jobs you can pursue if you have been in the military service, and there’s the best chance that you can land a good-paying job as employers prefer to hire those men from the service because of their talents.

If you want to enter this field, you have to have the qualification needed to perform the job. You can acquire those skills by taking a training program offered by a school. It does involve some investment.

Take advantage of the Post 911 GI Bill, using it will certainly help you pay the tuition in attending a crane operator training course.

We wish you good luck with your chosen career!

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