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We would like to congratulate you on your decision to pursue a job as a truck driver. We’re here to guide you on the right route. Being a truck driver plays a critical role in the progress and growth of the logistics industry that ultimately benefited the state of Arkansas.

If you already made up your mind and you are considering moving to the truck driving industry, you would not regret it. The very step you need to take is to take a truck driving training in Arkansas to educate you on different aspects of the job. It may take some time and money to complete the truck driving training but its benefits are huge.

The demand for a truck driving job is high and there’s no shortage of it. You can establish your career as a driver as the growth will never cease. In fact, trucking companies are paying their qualified drivers even higher wage to haul and transport loads.

This means that there are a lot of wannabees interested in this job and you don’t want to get left behind. So, to help you started, we’re are here to assist.

There are a lot of truck driving schools across the Arkansas where you can complete the training. To help you find one, here are the schools in this state:

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
5401 S Zero St, Fort Smith, AR 72193
Phone: 1-479-788 -7000

C1 Truck Driver Training
7303 Hwy 70 E, North Little Rock, AR 72117

Cossatot Community College of University of Arkansas
1557 Hwy 371 W, Nashville, AR 71852
Phone:870- 584-4471

Pine Bluff Truck Driving Schools
4208 Hwy 65, Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Phone: 870-534-0800

Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute
620 Newcastle Rd, Forrest City, AR 72336
Phone: 870-633-5411

Arkansas State University – Newport
7648 Victory Blvd, Newport, AR 72112
Phone: 870-512-7800

International Schools – University of Arkansas
2500 S. Main St., Hope, AR 71801
Phone: 870-777-5722

North Arkansas College
1515 Pioneer Dr, Harrison, AR 72601
Phone: 870-743-3000

South Arkansas Community College
300 S. West Ave, El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: 870-862-8131

Roadmaster Drivers – West Memphis, AR
2800 East North Service Road, West Memphis, AR 72301
Phone: 870-400-4090

Mid-America Truck Driving School
375 Alcoa Road, Malvern, AR 72104
Phone: 501-844-4496

Diesel Driving Academy
11001 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR 72209

Since most trucking companies oblige their job candidates to attend first a school to learn driving the truck professionally and to get a better grasp of the applicable laws and other prevailing regulations and safety concerns pertaining to the job, it is, therefore, a compulsory for you to attend a class at the school. Find a reputable truck driving school in your state where you can take the class.

What Do You Need to be a Truck Driver?

  • Just as mentioned above, you need to be at least 18 old and above to drive while for interstate drivers, you need to be at least 21 years old.
  • A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a top requirement to be a truck driver which may differ in the sets of requirements and application process depending on the state where you are.
  • A high school diploma or a GED certificate as its equivalent certificate is necessary for the application of commercial driver license (CDL), it is, therefore, a prerequisite to be a truck driver.

  • A clean driving record is necessary. It one of the biggest assets as a driver must have to keep his job. Since the truck drivers are kept to a better standard than the ordinary driver, a commercial driver’s license is required from them. In the application of CDL, you will need to pass a certificate or driving record, if you have a bad record you cannot qualify. A good driver’s record does not have a license suspension or revocation in the past few years, conviction of any minor or severe driving offenses, a violation of any law related to a traffic accident.

  • Aspiring truck driver needs to be in good health condition and with no prevailing medical problems that would hamper his ability to drive for long hours at work. Obviously, the job is all about driving on the road for long hours and distances, truck drivers must be healthy to operate the commercial vehicles safely on the road.

  • Hearing and vision are important as the previous one mentioned. A truck driver must have a 20/40 correctable vision in both eyes. A truck driver is permitted to wear correctable eyeglasses or contact lenses. A truck driver must also be able to hear a whisper five feet away, though hearing aids are allowed to be able to better hear, the hearing aid must meet a certain DOT requirement for the driver.

  • Since most employers require their drivers to complete a truck driving training to be professional, attending a driving school may require you to undergo a full physical examination prior to enrollment, though not all schools require this.

CDL Training and Application

We outlined below the things you need to have to apply for a CDL.

If being a truck driver seems to be the dream career you want to get into, you will have to know the things involved in being on the job. First, the very least you need to attain to be a truck driver is you need to be least 18 years old to attend the school and to qualify for the commercial driver’s license (CDL). However, for the driver who will drive interstate or across the country, the Federal law requires you to be at least 21 years old.

What to Expect in the Job as a New Truck Driver

I would like to take a few minutes to talk for the new guys and gals who are entering the truck driving industry. There’s no doubt that the first few months in the job is going to be the hardest. You’re making all sorts of adjustments and changes: you’re getting used to the nature of the job as a driver, you’re getting acquainted with the vehicle and trailer, you getting used to the new lifestyle and there’s a lot of things you haven’t learned yet.
The path could be difficult but don’t be discouraged. Accumulating seat time and gaining experience would not be easy.

The ultimate objective for you right now as a beginner is to accumulate seat time. You need to rack up your experience and it takes ample time to acquire this. Just keep in mind, the more experience you have the better it looks in your resume.

Experience is everything in getting a job. The more experienced you get, the more you have in the industry, the better you’ll be at, the more money you make because you can better negotiate and demand higher salary with a prospective employer.

Truck driving is not for everybody as I learned as a mentor. There are students that quit early and realize that this job wasn’t for them. When I talked to them, they have some expectations that completely different from the reality of what they have in their mind.

Being a truck driver is one of the awesome and rewarding jobs out there but it is not for everybody. You need to make an informed decision before entering this industry. Do a lot of research to dig information and ask your friends or colleagues about the pros and cons of the job, they will likely share their good and bad experience that you can base your decision on. Don’t let money your only reason to get into this job because you’ll get disappointed.

To Make a Final Word

A good driver is a big asset to the employer. It is easy for someone to learn how to operate a commercial vehicle such as a truck and get a job but not all can be able to drive safely and retain that job. This is the primary reason why there are frequent job openings for skilled and qualified truck drivers.
To attain the qualifications and training, aspiring candidates need to have a professional truck driving training by completing a class. The course usually lasts only for three (3) to four (4) weeks, but its benefits are huge for someone who wants to get into this industry.
So, devote some time and spend investment to be a trained and skilled driver by attending a school.
We always wish you a safe journey on the road! Good luck with your career!

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