Do You Need a Licence to Drive a Bobcat in Victoria?Also known as skid steers, a bobcat is used for demolitions, clearing debris, and paving the way during road construction. The diesel-powered heavy vehicle with exceptional maneuvering capability has a large bucket at the front.

While you may not need certification to operate a bobcat, certification is dependent on how you intend to use it. As such, if you intend to use it for noncommercial and private use, then you may not have to source for a license.

On the other hand, in case you intend to use the skid steer loader for commercial purposes, you will have to undertake a steer loader course in a Registered Training Organization (RTO). As a confirmation that you can safely operate a Bobcat, you will be taken through an assessment before being awarded a statement of attainment.

Are you still stuck on how to become a Bobcat operator in Victoria? Here is what you need to do to get a bobcat ticket in Australia!
Before diving into how to acquire a bobcat operator ticket, let us look at what they do.

  • Relocating large objects on a construction site
  • Cement jackhammering
  • Clearing a site during construction
  • Moving earth
  • Preparation of turf
  • Digging of holes and trenches
  • Truck loading

Additionally, commercial Bobcat loaders execute the following roles;

  • Fitting, selection, and fitting of attachments
  • Carrying out earthwork calculations
  • General maintenance practices on the construction equipment
  • Keeping accurate work records
  • Adhere to strict equipment and site safety requirements
  • Interpretation of sketches and drawings

Now that we now know what the role of skid steer loader entails, lets now have a look at how to become a bobcat operator in Australia.



You Will Need Driving License to Drive the Equipment on the Pubic Road

Just like a backhoe operator, a driver's license a key requirement in working in many construction sites. This is because you may have to relocate your Bobcat from one work site to another. As such, a driver's license allows you to drive on the road to various sites without running into trouble with the traffic police. This also saves employers from the need of having to incur extra costs in hiring drivers to move your equipment to a different site.



Enroll in a Course

Anyone planning to use a skid steer loader for commercial purposes can enroll in a government-recognized training institution to qualify for a ticket. The duration of the courses depends on experience though mostly runs between 2 -3 days.

RIIMPO318F conducts civil construction skid steer loader operations certificate is major certification in most government approved colleges. The short course offers various skills that bobcat operators are required to be credited as qualified operators.
Some of the areas covered in the course include the following;

  • Selection of equipment and ascertaining whether they are fit for use.
  • Standards and legislations on operating bobcats
  • Selection, removing, and fitting of attachments
  • Moving the bobcat to a different site
  • General routine maintenance procedures
  • Driving techniques that suit various work conditions

The course is nationally recognized training that you can use to prove your competence to a potential employer. As such you can use the certificate to apply for bobcat operator jobs in resources and civil construction industries around Australia.
On the flip side, different sites have different recruitment requirements where some may recommend further training to help you improve your bobcat operating skills.

However, certification needs vary from one territory, state, industry, and jurisdiction every to another since every sector and area may set up varying certification needs to meet their standards. Overall the course unit cuts across construction needs across Australia.



Acquire a Statement of Attainment DocumentationStatement of attainment is the Australias skid steer loader certification awarded to trainees upon successful completion of training from a course in a Registered Training Organization (RTO). This applies to Bobcat operators who intend to use their equipment for commercial purposes.

The requirement is rolled out to ensure equipment operators on construction sites are highly equipped to operate heavy construction equipment in adherence to the set safety standards. However, upon completing a bobcat operator course, you are taken through operational assessment procedures to ascertain your competence.

Relevant Experience

Though formal training may not play a major role in operating a bobcat in victoria, experience makes it easier for you to navigate the job market with ease. Typically, equipment suppliers are likely to take you through trials in operational procedures to ascertain your competence. This may deny you opportunities in case you have a ticket yet you cannot operate the equipment effectively.
With experience comes confidence and mastery which puts you ahead of the pack. Furthermore, enrollment for a ticket is cheaper for operators who have prior experience since they pay less and take less in training compared to beginners.



Get a License

A license is a major requirement for all bobcat operators who intend to use a skip steer loader for commercial purposes. This is because an employer who intends to use the machine on a site may require a statement of attainment as proof of competence.
To familiarize yourself with the vehicle, it is recommended that you carry out regular test drives. This is because some contractors may issue trial test instructions to ascertain your operating capabilities.

The Average Cost of a Bobcat or Skid Steer Operator License

The cost of training for a Bobcat certification varies depending on the units covered, experience, and duration of training. The average cost of a beginner is $850 while trainees with at least 12 months of experience pay an average of $400.
Other requirements of becoming a bobcat operator in Victoria include the following
Adhere to High Safety Standards

The policy lays a framework that boosts work heath safety across Australia. Generally, Australia's Work Health and Safety 2011 does not recommend a specific license to operate a Bobcat.

While this may not be a requirement, PCBU subscribes to the safety act to ensure a person hired is competent and able to operate equipment safely.

The bottom line is that every employer subscribes to the safety act to guarantee the safety of workers at the workplace. This means training and getting a ticket to operate a bobcat is a key requirement to become a Bobcat operator in victoria.



Why Become a Bobcat Operator?

Bobcat operators are in high demand in the Australian Construction market. This has pushed the hourly rate for bobcat operators to between $50-$150.To get impressive income from being a skid steer loader, it is recommended that you undergo formal training to get a ticket. That allows you to operate your bobcat for commercial reasons and enjoy a high income.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in Victoria or any other part of Australia and wondering how to become a Bobcat also known as a skid steer loader operator, you can easily become one through the insight outlined in this article. All you need is to enroll in a government-accredited training institution and go through assessment and kick start a journey to become a competent bobcat operator in Victoria.