How to become a bulldozer operator in AustraliaThinking of becoming a bulldozer in Australia a good choice? You're at the right place. If your thinking of making a living out of this profession then it is important that you need to know the ethics and factors of the profession before you start off. Having experience and understanding of other legal provisions of the industry is crucial.

Australia's infrastructure is quite developed and is a healthy living, where in main cities are affected due to its high popularity in these regions. The cities that fall into this category are Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Where the possibility of development and change in infrastructure comes in, and the high demand for bulldozers and other earth equipment counts in. Hence, this can be considered as a stable source of income for an individual living in Australia.

If you want to become marketable and bout good opportunities you need to arm yourself with all the high, necessary skills to deliver the best quality service. Undergoing relevant training and upskilling your knowledge with good practice will enable you to operate a bulldozer and other heavy construction machines with ease.

As such here are few insights into how to become a bulldozer operator in Australia. But before we get into it lets take an overview on the very first steps:



How to Get a Bulldozer License/Ticket? 

  1. ind a government-approved (RTO) Registered Training Organization in your location - This Organization will guide you through the training process of the bulldozer and help you gain important skills that will be required to become a bulldozer. The average time to complete the training is 3-6 weeks, if you're a complete beginner it might take a few more weeks to get your hand free on the equipment. Not only learning, rather you will undergo a complete hand in practice. Where you will be operating the equipment on the worksite and tasks will be assigned in order to understand if you are able to handle the equipment and get the task done properly.

  2. Earn certification and notice of satisfactory assessment - After the whole training and sufficient hands-on practice, you will be assessed by the RTO representative, the assessor will rate you accordingly. If you pass the test, then on successful completion you will receive the Notice of satisfactory assessment and statement of attainment with a Wallet sized duty of care card, that will give the validation of getting the license.

Here are few Sectors, you will be learning in the bulldozer training:

  • Driving and operating a Bulldozer safely
  • Safe Operation of the Bulldozer
  • Machine Components
  • Start-up and Shut-down Procedures
  • Construction Terminology
  • Control Functions
  • Backfilling and spreading heaps
  • Drain construction
  • Slot dozing
  • Leveling
  • Boxing out
  • Ripping techniques
  • Clearing and stacking timber
  • Operating Procedures
  • Use of the blade
  • Transport the machine

As part of the training, bulldozer operators learn how to maintain and fix their equipment as well as the safety practices they need to abide by.



What are the other important aspects one should know before getting into the course?

Bulldozer operators look after their machinery, and reporting any malfunctions to their supervisor, and making small repairs when required. It’s critical that the heavy equipment is always working properly for safety reasons. And physical health needs to be a priority in order to handle the following aspects:

  • Extensive periods of sitting on the machinery.
  • full range of body motion and repetitive motions.
  • manual and finger capability as well as eye-hand and foot coordination.
    Good physical condition and occasional lifting of heavy and moderate physical labor are required.

What are the requirements and responsibilities of a bulldozer operator?

Safety is a very important factor in this trade, so bulldozer operators require extensive on-the-job training to ensure they're abiding by the necessary protocols.

To become a bulldozer operator in Australia, enrolling in a bulldozer training program provide you with the skills to enable you to operate a bulldozer.

Hence, there are a few requirements one needs to meet before enrollment in the training.

  1. You have to be at least 16-year-old: Age 18 is preferred as the state of mind and physical strength go hand-in-hand. In order to handle the physical stress and peace of mind that need to be handled at the worksites during working hours.

  2. 2.Must have basic English literacy skills: As a whole crew work at the construction site with the bulldozer operator it is important that one should understand the actions of the team, so everyone is aware of the surrounding. Usually the hand signal or audio signals are used to communicate with the crew members while the machine is working. During the training they will share all the necessary bulldozer tips and techniques. Hence, basic communicable education is required to be a bulldozer operator.

  3. You need to be well equipped with safety boots, a hat, sun protection, long sleeves, etc



How to enroll in an RTO?

Every RTO has a different format to enroll. Enrollment in RTO is the first step to start your career as a bulldozer.

The majority of the RTOs provide a form that will be available on the site to fill in the necessary details, you fill that in order to get your course started.

These forms are provided by the RTO directly and so you can enroll for it, where few RTOs do not provide the direct form, rather you need to schedule/ book your enquiry call. 

While you enroll in an RTO, you need to submit identification documents, quality systems development, including the policy, procedure, and work instructions to meet the principal requirements.

How long does it take to complete the bulldozer training?

The length of the bulldozer training differs from individual to individual and RTO's. There are many's who provide this training, and their course length differs from one another. If you're a complete beginner it will take a longer period of time to complete the course and get your expertise in it. The average duration of the training of 4-6 weeks and the cost of the training differs from one RTO to another.

Most of the RTO provide flexible timing where in you select your training hours according to your fit. The training will not be done if one does not go for hand-in training on the worksite, as it the crucial part of the training.

Experience is what matters at the end of the day, and that can be gained when you work at different work sites, where you get to obtain experience from it.



How to get a certificate of Competency?

Verification of competency(V.O.C) is a process of assessment that is used to demonstrate the worker's ability to operate equipment and undertake the responsibilities of the roles assigned to them.To get the certificate of competency you need to complete a whole process to get the certificate, here are few general steps to get a competency certificate.

  1. Decide on what type of work/niche you want to do have to choose an RTO that will help you get your
  2. The candidate will undergo a health test where they will examine your mental health, eyesight, and other health requirements.
  3. There will be high complexity completion course /Low complexity course completion (complete practical exam)
  4. Gather the all the necessary proof of service.
  5. Submit application at an Australia post outlet.
  6. Complete the oral exam.
  7. Then the Certificate of competency will be issued.



What will be the expense and returns?

Heavy equipment training typically costs $4,000-$15,000 and lasts 6-8 weeks if you are a complete beginner, there are also courses that provide 1- 2 days of training that will cost $600-700 for the upskilling. The course fee differs from one ROI to another.

The average salary earned by the bulldozer in Australia is $12-$35 per hour considering the lowest and the highest-paying wage. Where a bulldozer earns about $26,730 - $72,350 annually.

You can find New & Used Bulldozers in Australia and Compare Popular Dozer Brands & Models from Leading Suppliers & Private Sellers to get your own dozer according to your needs. Bulldozers are quite expensive to get one instantly, a little heavy on the pocket to get one instantly with the full payment, as prices begin at around $30,000 and range up to $200,000 or more. The most commonly purchased models usually cost $75,000 to $175,000. That takes around 6-7 years on average to clear the loan.




Thinking of fetching your future as a bulldozer operator in Australia? You can get your expertise in this by opting right training and having prior experience in it, neglecting the fact of which RTO you choose for the training, cooperating with the teammates and basic communication and the license will nurture you in this field.

You don't need to have any formal education qualification in order to assign this as a career in Australia.
A good hand in practice can make you a high-paying bull-dozer in Australia.