Can You Be A Heavy Equipment Operator If You Have DUI?Can You Be A Heavy Equipment Operator If You Have DUI or DWI?

“Can I be a heavy equipment operator if I have DUI or DWI?” This is a common question asked by everyone arrested for DUI and who wants to get into this profession.

To give an honest answer, your chance of getting hired as a heavy equipment operator is slim if not zero.

Aside from possible jail time, conviction of DUI will greatly affect your career. If you signed on your employment contract that conviction of DUI is ground for termination, you may lose a job.

And if you will be looking for another job, the application will be difficult since employers have a strict policy of background checking prior to hiring an applicant.

Though some states forbid employers from asking job applicants about the record of arrest and conviction, most states in the US do. If you don’t disclose the truth, the employer will soon know it.

If you are applying for a state or federal grant to pay for your heavy equipment training, your application may be negatively affected by a DUI. They may deny your application and that’s the end of your goal of becoming a heavy equipment operator.

Having a record for driving under the influence can have an adverse effect in many aspects of your life.



DUI Can Significantly Affect Your CDL

You might be thinking if you can still get a CDL if you have a recent DUI? Before you waste your resources to nothing trying to get a CDL, it would better if you find the answer now.

The honest answer is No and if you already have a CDL in your possession, it will probably be suspended if you have a recent DUI. Lose your CDL, lose your job.

Most construction companies will require heavy equipment operators to have CDL so that you can drive dump trucks and trailers from time to time on public roads. If you don’t have CDL, your chance of getting employed in the construction industry would probably be peanuts and the chance of getting kicked out from your current job is high.

In addition, it would be expensive for your employer to ensure you since insurance companies will give costly premiums for the heavy equipment operator with DUI. The employer may also lose insurance coverage if they keep you as their employee, your employer has no option but to dismiss you from employment.



Ways to Get Your DUI Expunged from Your Record

  • If you have been charged with DUI, getting a DUI lawyer can be the final solution. The lawyer will be able to answer your questions. With a case like this, it is important to talk to your lawyer to study all possible options before giving a plea deal. The lawyer will help you to have your charges dismissed and keep your record clean. Many people find it is best to talk to a lawyer. The lawyer must know the details that have transpired that lead to a conviction.

  • If you were convicted with DUI in the state that allows expungement, you might be able to erase it from the record (there is no such expungement in the states of New York, and Nevada). The requirements you need to submit differ from state to state or city to city. Normally the state will determine if it is your only DUI conviction, if it doesn’t and you have multiple DUI convictions, the likelihood for expungement eligibility is zero; the other factor that comes into play is the length of time of which you maintain a good record it can range from 3 years to 10 years, depending on the state or jurisdiction (if you were in New Hampshire, the state only allows expungement after 10 years from the date of conviction), here’s an article about DUI expungement law by state; and the gravity of the DUI, if after court hearings it is found to be a felony – if someone is killed or severely injured, then you might not be eligible for expungement. If you think you are qualified, you can submit a petition with the court.

To Finalize This

DUI is the most common violation in the US.

If you want to be a heavy equipment operator and you have a DUI conviction, you may it upsetting. The consequence has a domino effect. It affects your CDL and your future job prospects.

Having a DUI record will have a devastating consequence on your career. You cannot apply for an apprenticeship program if you have DUI since apprenticeship program is a big part of becoming a heavy equipment operator. Other negative effects are stated above. So if you know you have DUI record, you may have a hard time becoming a heavy equipment operator. Your future job prospect can severely suffer.

You may find very difficult to find a good job if you have DUI conviction whether it is just a misdemeanor or felony. You should be honest with your answer when you are asked by your prospective employer. Tell them what happened, they may understand your situation.

The list of negative outcomes just goes on and on and on.

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