Can You Use Your Heavy Equipment Operator License to Work in Another State?There could be some circumstances where you need to transfer to work in another state or location.

You may have migrated permanently, transferred temporarily by your present company or hired by a new employer situated in another state.

You might be wondering and asking if your heavy equipment operator license can be used to work in that state? This is one of the questions that get frequently asked.

Yes, you can use your current heavy equipment operator license to work as long as it is valid.

If the state you will be working in has additional requirements, then you must also comply with those requirements.

Your past experience, education, and training are a great combination in convincing an employer into hiring you.

You can present your employment certificates, training certificates, commendations and other documents proving your expertise in the operation of heavy equipment.



If You Will Work in the State of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 146, Section 53 Must be Complied With

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issues license for hosting machinery operators. When working in this state, you must have the necessary operator license.

Though there are some exemptions.

If you will operate hosting machinery such as powered industrial truck (forklifts), the company you will be working for would be exempted from the MGL Chapter 146, Section 53 law, as long as it is to be driven inside the company property and inaccessible to the public, and if the machinery is to be used exclusively in industrial purposes, you may not be required to have a state license to operate this truck.

An employer who is employing powered industrial truck (PIT) operators could be exempted from complying with the state’s hosting license requirements (520 CMR 6.06) and implementing an in-service training (520 CMR 6.07) as long as the truck is operated in private property and inaccessible to the general public.

This is because of the OSHA’s current standard 29 CFR 1910.178 governing the implementation of training for powered industrial truck such as a forklift.

Therefore, if one of your responsibilities in the company is to operate PIT, you won’t need a state license, just the valid certificate of training.

If You Will Be Working with Cranes, The Following States and Cities Require Crane Operators To Be Licensed:

The laws and regulations periodically change, so it is better to contact the authority in your state about the licensing requirements.

Presently, there are 16 states and 7 cities that require crane operators to be licensed, namely:

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
Utah, Washington, West Virginia

Cities that license are:

Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Washington, DC

If you will be working in one of these states or cities, contact the appropriate authority so that you can process your application for crane operator license.

Tips for Getting a Job in Another State

You find that the company is reluctant into hiring a candidate from different state. But there are means you can do to boost your chance of landing a job.

You may be looking for a job in another location to move there permanently or you just want to extend the scope of your search. Whatever your reason is, here are some tips you can employ in searching for a job:

  • Talk to your colleagues and ask them where might be a good state you can mostly get employment as a heavy equipment operator. If you find a suitable state to find a job, narrow your research. Find a city within a commuting distance.

  • Search online job postings of the state or city you want to move to. You may find a lot of online classified websites where you can easily find a job vacancy.

  • If you have other relatives and colleagues in the location you are considering, get in touch with them. They may give you a contact inside the company you can communicate with.

  • You can join an association or organization that is related to your field of work. Attend gatherings and meetings. You can meet people from other states that could refer you to a company for employment.

  • Nowadays, networking website is popular, one such website I am referring to is LinkedIn. It is also a place to meet employers and other people in your field. Use this website to find a group of people related to your field of interest.

  • Universities and colleges of a state have career guidance counselor. You can get in touch with them so that they can help find you a job in your chosen state. They may specific information you can use to broaden your search.



To Make a Conclusion

Having both the certification and education can boost your chance of getting employment in another state. Your experience and skill in operating heavy equipment are the ones the employers are looking for from a job candidate.

Your operator certificates together with other credentials are your solid pieces of evidence in convincing a hiring manager to hire you when you want to work in another state as a heavy equipment operator.

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