heavy equipment school alabamaIf you are looking for heavy equipment operator school in Alabama, we have those schools listed below.

But first, let me congratulate you on your decision to be a heavy equipment operator. Being a heavy equipment operator is a rewarding and challenging job. 

In Alabama, construction is one of the biggest industries of this state and the demand for heavy equipment operators will never cease.  You will be guaranteed of consistent work, good pay and career advancement.

If you want to venture into this profession, where would you think is the best place to get the education? You’re right, at the heavy equipment operator school. 



Here are the schools where you enrol in a training course in Alabama:

Training Provider Contact Details

 Allied Career Training, LLC 
3299 County Road 25, Suite A, Dothan, AL

Toll: (866) 362-6497 

 Nationwide Equipment Training
3688 Airport Blvd B234, Mobile, AL

 Phone: (877) 568-5995

 Dothan Eagle
227 N. Oates Street, Dothan, AL

 Phone: 334-792-3141

United Rentals
2901 Wetumpka Hwy, Montgomery


International Union of Operating Engineers
PO Box 26368 Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-424-9670 fax: 205-424-9672

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America
3299 Co Rd 25 a, Midland City

Phone: +1 866-362-6497

Total Equipment Training
Serves Alabama & other location; can customize training to suit client’s needs

 Contact: 610.321.2679

A Cut Above the Rest Training Facility (CARTF)
is a non-profit business created to give heavy equipment training and employability training to ex-felons, located at 1601 Dewey St, Montgomery,

Call (334) 801-9948 Phone or (256) 690-4787 Mobile Phone

Offers 3 kinds of training methods: Instructor-Led, E-Learning, and Simulator Training, for more information, contact local dealer: Thompson Cat, 2501 Joe Davis Industrial Blvd., Thomasville

Fax: 1 334 636-9866, Phone: 1 334 636-0420 

If you are inquiring about the specifics of the training course, don’t forget to ask if their program is accredited by s accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). It is a common understanding that such program reaps good benefits if you’ve completed the course.



How to Choose Heavy Equipment Operator School 

How do you know you’ve chosen the right heavy equipment operator school to educate yourself. Don’t commit the mistake, here are some of the guidelines you can apply in deciding where to take heavy equipment operator training:
  • To be convenient for you, consider the school that is close to where you are so that you won’t be having a hard time going to the school.

  • Choose the school that will offer both the in-the-seat operation of various types of equipment and classroom lectures. Both of these approaches are necessary for you to learn the essential skills and knowledge required to operate the heavy equipment safely and intelligently. In addition to this, you can choose the school that offers training programs that will prepare you for accreditation exams.

  • Choose the school that will teach you of other skills that will be required by the prospective employer, such skills are laser levels, on-site safety advocacy, reading site layouts, heavy equipment maintenance, grade reading and many other topics that may be deemed necessary for the trainees in the performance of their job.

  • To get what’s in-demand in the market right now, go through the job postings of employers (you can do this job visiting your favourite classified ads website) and identify what they require for the job. Take note of those job requirements and ask the school if they can provide you with that.

  • Trainees are advised to choose the school that has current, modern and well-maintained heavy equipment and a properly-maintained site where you can perform hands-on training. 
Choosing the right school will save you time, money and energy and guarantee you the needed skill for the job. While considering the above factors would be helpful, you may omit some of them if you have your own reason. 



How to Take the Heavy Equipment Training in Alabama

  1. Prepare your requirements in becoming a heavy equipment operator. The very basic you need is to have a high school diploma or its GED equivalent.  You can take high school course such as auto technology, mechanical drawing, shop, mathematics. This can definitely boost your chance of entering this profession. 

  2. Find a heavy equipment operator school in Alabama that offers training program you can enrol in. The list of training schools is mentioned above for your reference. Find a program that is recognized by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). It is a universal knowledge that if you a certificate from NCCER-accredited school convinces a prospective employer that you have acquired the necessary skills and experience for the job. Read this Page: How to Get NCCER Certification and How Long It Last?

  3. Take the classroom instruction and hands-on operation of the training course. A typical training course lasts for 8 weeks, but for the more comprehensive program, it could last for 24 weeks. The longer the program, the more hands-on experience you will get.

  4. Go find and enrol in an apprenticeship program. Getting accepted into an apprenticeship program is not easy at it may sound. You may need to have previous experience as a heavy equipment operator. An apprenticeship program typically requires you to complete 2,500 hours of hands-on experience and 50 hours of instruction. You can get in touch with IUOE Alabama to inquire about their apprenticeship program.

  5. Apply for a job as a heavy equipment operator. When you’re finished taking the heavy equipment training and completing the apprenticeship program, you are ripe enough to be picked by an employer. Go find a job in your area. You won’t be having a hard time getting accepted for a job. 

Salary of Operator in Alabama

Now that you have learned the process of taking the heavy equipment operator training, you might be wondering how much pay you would receive doing this job. According to Salary.com, as of February 27, 2023, the average salary of operators working in Alabama is $65,461.
Here is the salary matrix of heavy equipment operators working in different cities/towns of Alabama. 
Auburn $63,048 Huntsville $66,809
Birmingham $65,936 Madison $66,809
Decatur $64,610 Mobile $64,609
Dothan $60,117 Montrose $64,497
Florence $60,246 Prattville $63,653
Gadsden $65,814 Talladega $65,377
Gilbertown $64,050 Tuscaloosa $65,499
If you notice, if you will work in the bigger the city, the larger the salary you can expect to receive.
If you will work in the neighboring state of Georgia, you can expect a much better salary.
If you want to know how much do heavy equipment operators make in other states, see this page:

Contact the Authorities 

If you need further assistance or have any questions about getting trained as a heavy equipment operator, you can get in touch with US DOL and OSHA Alabama.
US Department of Labor 
Alabama OSHA
Medical Forum Building
950 22nd Street North, Room 1050
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 731-1534
National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER)
Phone: 386.518.6500, Toll-free number: 888.622.3720



To Conclude This

The training program offered by a heavy equipment operator school in Alabama will take some time, effort and little of investment to complete. Although the process seems overwhelming, it is crucial to advance your career. The initial knowledge you will learn is a great asset to start a profession as an operator.
Alabama has a lot to offer for people like you who has the skills and competence to get the job done.
So, what are you waiting for, take the heavy equipment operator training and get trained today!

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