heavy equipment training school near youIn today’s job market, being properly trained and skilled worker and completing a certification program has become a trend and strict requirement for most occupations especially for heavy equipment operators who are handling an expensive piece of heavy machinery.

Being an operator does entail a lot of great benefits. You can make a lot of money; the average salary of an operator ranges from $45,000 - $55,000 per year. In addition, this job is something that will last for years as the demand for such talent never ceases – you can make a flourishing career in this field.
Now, if you are considering becoming a heavy equipment operator, you probably asking where you can take the training near where you are right now. You might be searching for a school where you can enroll in a course.

The school has a specialized program tailored for starters and pros. they provide the students with on-the-job training in heavy equipment operation – a great opportunity to gain hands-on and real-life experience.

To help you to find a school, here on this website, we prepared a directory in each state. Just choose the state where you’re located. We’ve included the address and contact information so that you can easily contact the school for any inquiry.



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Benefits of Going to a Heavy Equipment Operator School

  • You get formal education by completing the training course. You will learn the fundaments of heavy equipment operation from the basics to advance. You will get the chance to operate a modern type of equipment during the hands-on training where you gain the confidence and ability that you can apply to the actual job. Formal education also increases your chance of passing the certification tests – a great way to increase your marketability in today’s competitive job economy.

  • For beginners, the school emphasizes the basics and essentials of heavy equipment operation by giving the students a structured program based on their skill level. If you’re thinking about getting into this occupation and you don’t have prior experience, a friend might have already told you that you will learn everything on the job. This is not true. Enrolling in the school is still the best way to go if you want to become a heavy equipment operator - employers want properly trained operators who have taken formal education.

  • One of the attractive considerations of being an operator is the financial security you get from this job - the pay is good. The bottom line of everything is that you want to get a big paycheck. The advantage of getting into the school is that boosts your chance of landing a good-paying job quickly. The education you get increases your hireability and competitiveness. The employers are looking for the right candidates who already know the “ins” and “outs” of the job and those who are safe and efficient - you can attain these traits by getting properly trained at the school.

  • It is much safer to put your skill into practice at the school’s training facility. If you think you know everything about heavy equipment operation, make no mistake, don’t be overconfident. Taking formal training is still a suitable and safe approach to put your knowledge into practice. The school has an experienced instructor to guide and oversee your performance. By taking the course, you’ll become adept in handling the equipment with care and efficiency.

  • One of the appealing aspects of getting into the heavy equipment operator school is that they can easily place you on the job. The school can refer you to an employer for possible employment. The school maintains a network of employers who are continuously looking for talented and qualified individuals like you to become part of their workforce.

Criteria in Choosing a Heavy Equipment Training School

  • Choose the one that has a comprehensive course that will prepare you to pass the NCCER or NCCCO certification tests. One of the beautiful aspects of going through the training is that you gain confidence not only the knowledge in passing the tests.

  • Choose the class with a small size. With a small number of students in the class, you will receive one-on-one attention from the instructor. The instructor can get to know each student and able to work with them to enhance their skill. And with a small class size, you don’t have to share the equipment with other students during the practical training, you’ll get more engaged with less disruption.

  • Find a heavy equipment training school that is near you. By choosing a training school near your location, it minimizes the travel time to attend the class and eliminates wasted time – you don’t have to exhaust precious time transporting before and after school.

  • Find a school training school with modern heavy equipment and an up-to-date curriculum. With technology changing and government regulations updating, the school has to cope up with these. To get the worth of the tuition money, find an operator school that has a modern training facility and program. You can pay a visit to the school’s premises and see the equipment being used in the training, are they current and modern?



Trade School vs. Community College: Where Will You Enroll?

You can take the heavy equipment training either at the community college or trade school, you can easily find one near you. You may be wondering which one is better. Choosing between the two can be confusing and by knowing the pros and cons, you can easily arrive at a decision.

  • Community colleges tend to have more students in the class which makes it harder for students to learn. The community college tends to focus more on the theoretical aspect and less focus on actual equipment operation. While the number of students accepted in the class by the trade school is significantly smaller.

  • The community college offers diverse courses suited if you want to extend your education to a 4-year degree. While the trade school doesn’t have such an option, you still have to transfer to the community to further your education.

  • The trade school’s program is specific to your chosen career path. If you’re taking the heavy equipment operation program, you focused more on the hands-on operation which is often taken just after 2 days of the class. While the community has extensive classroom lectures, they give less time to practical training.
    Choosing between a trade school or community college is a tough decision to make because there are things you consider. The decision is up to you.

Is Trade School Right For Me?

The trade schools have won the favor of many people because of the specialized and structured programs they offer not only in the heavy equipment operation but in many courses as well. With specialized training, the student can easily get a job after school that only takes several weeks to complete.

The trade school offers low-cost education and even you don’t have the money yet to pay for the tuition, you can avail the school’s flexible payment terms. If you are qualified for grants and scholarships, they can slash a big percentage of tuition or even provide the training at no cost.

The graduates of trade school get to make an equal salary with those who have graduated with degrees from the community college, and in an uncommon situation, they can make slightly more money than them.

If you’re thinking of becoming a heavy equipment operator, just find a trade school closest to you, inquire what programs they offer to know if it is suited to your need. The trade school has become a viable choice for individuals who want to obtain a quick qualification to get into the job.


If your goal is to take heavy equipment operator training and you don’t know where to start, we strongly recommend having the training completed at the school. School is the best place to take the training from. You can easily find near you, just browse our directory by selecting the state above.

The training school will teach you everything you need to know in the operation of heavy equipment that primarily focuses on the safety aspect. You can complete the course in no time.

By attending the heavy equipment operator training, you can boost your chance of passing the certification exams as well. Their program is calibrated for students to pass such tests.

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