How Can You Get Into Free Heavy Equipment Operator Training Getting the right skills can open varied opportunities. Enhancing your skill is good way to increase your chance of landing a job as a heavy equipment operator.

Improving your skill usually involves completing a heavy equipment training course. We all know that taking such course is costly. It could sometimes cost around $12,000 to take up the training.

This amount will burn a big hole in your pocket and put you in uncomfortable position if you don’t have such amount; and even if you have that money, would you spend that much?

When situations get financially tight for you and you want to get a head start, where can you get heavy equipment operator training for free? There a few number of institutions and colleges that provides free operating training.



Schools or Institutions That Offers Free Training

Across the U.S you may find a very few schools or colleges that offer free training. Here are some:

Hawkeye Community College
1501 East Orange Road, P.O. Box 8015, Waterloo, IA 50704-8015
Phone: 319-296-2320; 319-234-5745

Idaho Associated General Contractors of America
1649 Shoreline Dr #100, 1649 Shoreline Dr, Boise, ID 83702
Education & Training Director
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; (208)472-0451

Idaho Transportation Department
3311 W. State Street P.O. Box 7129, Boise, ID 83707-1129
Phone: (208) 334-8000; TTY/TDD: Dial 711 or 800-377-3529

Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation
2275 Upper Middle Road East – Suite 300Oakville, Ontario, Canada – L6H 0C3
Phone: +416.364.8820

The free heavy equipment operating training offered by these institutions and colleges may have lapsed already or still in on-going basis, or there might be an incoming schedule, contact them to make an inquiry.



Other Ways to Pay for the Expenses of Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Other option to fund you tuition is through grant. The state or federal government can provide grant to qualified individuals to help them pay for the heavy equipment training cost. Such grants you can apply for are: Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Department of Workforce Development, Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), Displaced Workers, Displaced Farmers, - Vocational Rehabilitation, - Tribal Education (BIA), Veterans Title 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation).

For more information on what grant you may be qualified for, read this page:
How to Get Grant To Pay For Heavy Equipment Training

Career loan could be your next option to fund your tuition. Many students who want to get certification pay their tuition with career loan. You make an initial payment for your tuition and the remaining balance of training cost will be covered by career loan. You can talk to your local bank if you can be qualified to apply for career loan. If you are applying for such loan, you must know that your credit record plays an important factor in qualifying for career loan. For some reason you will not be eligible, you can get someone who will act as a co-signer with good credit record.

Advantages of Getting into Free Operator Training

The most obvious advantage is that you don’t have to pay for the school tuition. But if you look further, there are many more benefits you can reap from the heavy equipment operator training, as stated below:

  • There is an impending shortage of qualified heavy equipment operators in some states and regions; one of the hindrances why people don’t get to this profession is the cost of the tuition in attending the training. With the free heavy equipment operator training, it attracts aspirants into entering this career.

  • Free heavy equipment operator training is a good stimulus to boost the local economy of the state or city considering that there is a shortage and demand for qualified heavy equipment operators, with free training people can have interest in this field to fill up the shortage.

  • With heavy equipment operator training, you will learn new skills in the operation of different kinds of machines broadening your knowledge; as a result you become more marketable to land a high-paying job.

  • You will be able to network with the hiring managers and prospective employers where you can land your first job as an operator.



To Make a Conclusion

When you are looking for work as heavy equipment operator, having the required skills can make a big difference. Having such training enhances your skills and competency, builds your morale and helps you stand out from competition. You are more likely being chosen for the job if you have taken heavy equipment training. Your prospective employer will be impressed if you have that qualification.

Getting the skills and experience does involve paying a large amount of money for the training. It is not cheap. You may be glad to hearing that there are some institutions that offer heavy equipment operator training for free.

It can help you defray the tuition needed. Aside from that you don’t have to worry putting out money from your pocket that you could spend for your family instead.

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